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Udo „udini“ Neumann *1963

The sport science graduate is the author of the standard works Performance Rock Climbing, Der XI. Grad and Lizenz zum Klettern, as well as numerous videos about training, bouldering and climbing in all its varieties. Udo has been climbing and bouldering on all continents around the globe since 1982. Since 2009 Udo is also the coach of the German Bouldering Team.

Udo Neumann, u r genius

Udo Neumann, u r genius

„Trainiere lieber ungewöhnlich“ – Udo Neumann portrait in DAV Panorama 2/2015

Read the 2001 interview with Udo in the German magazine Klettern. Should you speak Chinese, here is a portrait of Udo – „Climbing Prophet of the time“ in Hong Kong based X-Life magazine (2007).

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„I’m still aiming to be strong and not just in a physical sense. Most days I try to train my body and mind to be able and ready for anything for as long as possible. What “anything” is though has changed. Not longer am I willing to pull on sharp pockets for just another boulder problem. From time though if the conditions are right and the line is tempting I’m happy that I am not arriving unprepared! Beyond bouldering I hope to also remaining self-sufficient and useful to my loved ones and therefore I’m aiming to always progress in some way to remain resilient, free thinking, confident and humble. That old saying about the brightest flame burning the quickest seems to be sometimes true in bouldering.
Yet – What use is a person who lasts five years and has to stop training due to bad knees and a broken ankle? How useful is a body that can’t move pain free due to years of neglect and abuse? The journey of bouldering was never meant to be a brilliant flash of spectacle and show, it was always intended to be a lifelong pursuit of improvement and one that doesn’t need to end once the body begins to show signs of age. When exercising with my athletes for example I’m often confronted with the sad truth of not quite being in their league – but stop bouldering? No, not whilst the mind is still young. Not if the soul still seeks adventure, and challenge and play.“
Udo Neumann
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above:  „Udo Neumann is bouldering“ – portrait in RockandIce, July 2014