Juliane Wurm, bouldering world champion

Bouldering World Championships – female podium compared

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From the qualifications on, it became clear that Alex Puccio and Juliane Wurm were in their best shape ever. Alex had skipped the last two events of the Bouldering World Cup 2014 to re-charge her batteries with some of the hardest rock bouldering ever done by a woman.
The third contender for the title was JapanÂ’s Akiyo Noguchi, winner of the 2014 Bouldering World Cup, her third overall title after 2009 and 2010.
With Anna Stöhr injured and other potential shoo-ins like Miho Nonoka and Shauna Coxsey not in peak shape the Bouldering World Championships in Munich became a battle between Akiyo, Alex and Jule. Only Alex and Jule could climb problem #3 in the semis by showing some of the strongest performances in bouldering competition history. Jule won the semis, followed by Akiyo. Both needed two tries for the first problem in the finals, which Alex had flashed. Than, after tremendous struggle, Akiyo couldnÂ’t top problem #2, Alex needed two tries and Jule flashed it.

That problem was hard !
After problem #3 didnÂ’t see an ascent, it came down to problem #4 between Alex and Jule. Whoever would do it with fewer tries would become Bouldering World Champion 2014! After Alex needed just 6 attempts, the pressure was on Jule. She kept it together though and secured her first world title! If you want to learn more about Juliane Wurm, please check out our 2011 portrait „Jule dreams of bouldering“  If you want to get an idea about the training of Juliane Wurm and the German Bouldering Team, check out our playlist.]