Kletterhallenfinder and inclimbed support

Kletterhallenfinder and inClimbed support

In inclimbed by Udo Neumann

This is the official support page of our Kletterhallenfinder app. Get it here for iOS, Android is in the making. Kletterhallenfinder is compatible with iOS11 and entirely re-programmed. The updated version will show climbing and bouldering gyms world wide.

Kletterhallenfinder goes international and becomes inClimbed!

For now we focus on what the app is most useful for – locating the nearest climbing gym, regardless of where in the world you are! If you miss a gym, or find information that you reckon not to be accurate, please let us know from within the app.

The fantastic @bpump_ogikubo boulder gym in Tokyo – #routesetting by @tsukuru_fsp !

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When we launched Kletterhallenfinder in 2011…

… it became instantly appreciated as very helpful to locate the nearest climbing gym and to guide you to it. Initially, we started with 200 gyms in the German speaking world, right at the beginning of the climbing and especially bouldering gym building boom. Over the years we became painfully aware of the fact that we couldn’t keep track of this boom with the code base we used for Kletterhallenfinder and started from scratch again, so that now, with the inClimbed app, we can add gyms and make changes very quickly!

Please send a mail to get in touch.

Kletterhallenfinder goes international!

Kletterhallenfinder goes international!