Youth Climbing Symposium

Youth Climbing Symposium 2017

In better climbing, BoulderCoach by Udo Neumann

The world’s first dedicated youth climbing coaching event.

A day dedicated to the next generation. With climbing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this event aims to show today’s young climbers what is possible and how to achieve it. With presentations from leading coaches and climbers from around the world, the day will raise the bar in terms of climbing and coaching in the UK.

Whether it is competition tactics, training for climbing, conditioning, motivation and mind control or nutrition, this event has it covered.

Helping develop our future Olympians and rock climbers.

The master of movement, the king of the swing, the man behind the German Boulder Team training, Mr Udo Neumann @udinimedia It was impossible to organise the #YouthClimbingSymposium2017 without including Udo. Every climber, young or old, has watched his training videos and wanted to be involved. Get ready for this one kids, it's going to be fun! Udo "Udini“ Neumann, a sports science graduate is the author of the standard works Performance Rock Climbing, as well as the person behind numerous videos about training, bouldering and climbing in all its varieties. Udo has been bouldering on all continents around the globe since 1982. In 2009 Udo became the coach of the German Bouldering Team and also coaches many of the top ranked athletes from other countries. Photos: @thecircuitclimbing

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