Verdon psicobloc AKA deep water soloing

Verdon psicobloc

In Psicobloc - deep water soloing by Udo Neumann

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Deep water soloing or psicobloc is obviously not only possible above the sea, but also above rivers and lakes. Where the Verdon river enters the Lac de St. Croix you have a bit of both, moving water that is still pleasantly warmed up in the lake. The only real danger are the zillions of tourists that populate the lake in summertime. Even if you yell at them they might not understand the language or are not aware of the danger of someone falling on their head. Still Anna Brenk, Frederike Förster, Markus and Daniel Jung were enjoying the Verdon limestone and the refreshing water as you can see on these photos. Udini shot this footage for the „Soul Climbing“ part of the upcoming 2te Lizenz zum Klettern DVD, due this fall.

Enjoy summer!

Ah, one more thing: try to bring your own floating device, those pedalos are not cheap…